“The Informer is a great widget that will
display vital statistics about your
computer like CPU and memory usage,
check your mail, give you quick
access to apps and folders
without cluttering up your
desktop, and even play
Internet radio stations.”



This Widget monitors your system resources (CPU usage, disk usage, memory usage, swap usage, system uptime, WiFi, battery life, Recycle Bin/Trash), Internet resources (RSS feeds, IMAP4/POP3 MailBoxes and Gmail Inbox), etc., and displays it on your desktop.

You can set up multiple sensors (useful for multiple Gmail accounts or RSS feeds) too!


  • Fully customizable
  • 31 sensors available
  • NewsStand widget (RSS reader) integration
  • Asynchronous web access
  • Drag-n-drop support
  • Popup ballons
  • Customizable background
  • Notifications


31 sensors available:

  • Time
  • Disk Meter
  • CPU Meter and Graph
  • Memory Meter
  • Swap Meter
  • WiFi Signal
  • Battery Life
  • Recycle Bin/Trash
  • System Uptime
  • RSS Feeds
  • IMAP4/POP3 Mail Checker
  • Yahoo! Mail Checker
  • Gmail checker and Gmail for Domains checker
  • Text sensor
  • Image sensor
  • Shortcut to application sensor
  • Internet Radio
  • Power control
  • WiFi meter
  • TurboFolder
  • TurboFolder: StartMenu/Applications
  • Disk
  • Network Graph
  • Eject USB
  • Memory Graph
  • Swap Graph
  • SpeedFan Meter (for Windows only)


Stable version 2.8.3

Windows & MacOS X compatible

Latest beta version

Windows & MacOS X compatible


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Version history

Version 2.8.3


  • Yahoo Mail Checker "1.#QNAN" fix

Version 2.8

New features:

  • Windows Vista compatible
  • Yahoo! Widgets Engine 4.5 compatibility
  • Font style customizing for sensors and popups
  • Multi-monitor feature rewritten
  • Disable/Enable popups menu item (like Lock)
  • Change workarea size option, that would Informer was always seen as Taskbar (Windows only, experimental)


  • Mail and RSS sensors autoupdate fixed
  • TurboFolder copy/move hint fixed
  • Incorrect show the value of SpeedFan Meter sensor where Unit in F fixed
  • Skin/Color preferences applying fixed

Version 2.7

New features:


  • Potential vulnerability workaround
  • TurboFolder: Start Menu fix on Vista
  • Fixed positioning at the top with the shadow skin

Version 2.6

New sensors:

  • Gmail for Domains mail checker

Version 2.5

New sensors:

  • TurboFolder - display list of folder's files and folders in popup
  • TurboFolder: StartMenu/Applications
  • Disk
  • Network Graph
  • Eject USB
  • Memory Graph
  • Swap Graph
  • SpeedFan Meter (for Windows only)

New features:

  • Yahoo! Widgets 4.0 compatibility
  • Notifications
  • Mail checker sensors: popup draw new mail headers in different color
  • RSS/Atom Feed sensor improvements, now draw new headers with different color in popup
  • Date's popup calendar now support week starting at monday or sunday
  • Freely positioning option
  • New colorizing property for all sensors


  • Uptime and other text sensors positioning bug fixed
  • Graph sensors optimized (thanks to Torsten Herz)
  • Fix some MacOS X version bugs
  • Mail checkers rewritten, you are not necessary any more DLL for support SSL
  • Date's popup calendar rewritten, now normally display under MacOS X
  • Fixed serious bug, which properties of sensors after dragging were not saved
  • Popup Calendar: Speedup & fix render in MacOS X
  • Fix Open Web-sites from Informer under Windows
  • Shortcut sensor fixes
  • IMAP4/POP3 Mail Checker: fix bug with & in password
  • Uptime sensor bug fix
  • Gmail sensor rewritten
  • Mail checker sensors rewritted, bugs fixed, speedup
  • Screen resoultion changing dock's background bug fix
  • Calendar popup wakeup bug fix
  • Speed up IMAP4/POP3 mail checker sensor
  • Some fixes in Date sensor popup calendar
  • Fix some bugs in Calendar

Version 2.0

  • Mail checker sensors bug fixed. IMAP4/POP3 now work under MacOS X.
  • Bring Informer to front by hotkey option
  • Disk Meter sensor: show occupied/free space in bytes and %
  • New sensor type: DualGraph. Example: CPU Graph (Dual)
  • New sensor: CPU Graph, show CPU usage history
  • DiskMeter/CPUMeter/MemMeter/SwapMeter: Colorize option
  • New behavior of RSS Feed & Mail Checkers during new data coming
  • Shortcut sensor: add 'parameters' option
  • New sensor: Power
  • More useful 'New sensor' dialog with grouping and descriptions
  • Add "Use classic 'New sensor' dialog" option
  • DiskMeter: show occupied/free space option
  • Dock shadow option
  • Popup shadow option
  • RSS Sensor: open website instead of RSS Reader
  • Default sensor font option
  • Move to trash by drop on Recycle Bin/Trash Can sensor
  • BatteryLife improvements
  • Hourly chime option to the clock
  • Alt/Option+Click in Locked mode
  • Max Messages/Chars limit in Main Checkers
  • German translation added
  • Time sensor: show seconds option
  • Improve shadows in date & time sensors
  • RSS Feed: handling of alternative date format of atom feeds added
  • Skins (thanks to Cris aka poly)
  • Internet Radio sensor by Fabrice Deshayes aka Xtream
  • Popup calendar in Date sensor
  • Date sensor (thanks to Matthew R. Baerbock for code)
  • Shortcut sensor bug fixes
  • Yahoo! Mail Checker
  • Applications, Links, and URLs drag-n-drop support
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.2

  • Improve error handling
  • Replace 'checking...' to small animation for RSS & Mail Checkers
  • Add lines & chars limit to RSS popup hint (thanx Fabrice Deshayes aka Xtream for idea)
  • Lock mode (similar to 'Lock the Toolbars' in Windows Explorer)
  • IMAP4/POP3 Mail Checker sensor with SSL support for IMAP4 & POP3 (now work with Gmail's POP3)
  • Wi-Fi Signal sensor
  • BatteryLife sensor
  • Shortcut sensor (launch applications & opens web-links)
  • Recycle Bin/Trash sensor
  • Multi-monitor support (Windows version support multi-monitors, Mac OS X version only dual)
  • Fix some bugs
  • Sensors Inactive State Properties
  • Fixed bug when sensors disappears after restart
  • Fixed Swap sensor bug under Windows
  • Time Sensor click open 'Date & Time' preferences (Windows only)
  • Uptime sensor

Version 1.1

  • Gmail Auto-Login
  • 12-hour time option
  • Top/Bottom position
  • Mac OS X support
  • Open Disk by click on Disk Meter

Version 1.0

  • First Public Release


Design & Code:

  • Andy Chentsov

Additional programming:

  • Torsten Herz
  • Farbrice Deshayes aka Xtream
  • Caspar Duregger
  • Alexander Gross

Thanks to:

  • Matthew R. Baerbock
  • Patrick Steinke
  • Cris aka poly
  • ...and all people in Yahoo! Widgets community